Lead Vocals & Keyboards


Born and raised in Jewell, Iowa, (now a resident of the “Northside” of Chicago) Rebecca attended the University of Iowa where she earned a BA in music specializing in vocal performance. A huge addition to “the boys”, Rebecca’s powerful and yet versatile voice gives Northside the vocal ability to rock out to the moving sounds of Gwen Stefani from “No Doubt” to the screams and moans of Robert Plant. She doesn’t stop with her lead vocals - Rebecca’s awesome keyboard abilities let the band cover such greats as the doors, and her uncanny ability to harmonize makes any other voice sound good. Rebecca has sung in everything from classical operas to capella jazz groups to a reggae rock band out of NYC called “The Motives”. Having a beautiful & talented front woman with Rebecca’s relaxed and yet high energetic stage presence, makes seeing Northside live the ultimate cover rock n roll band experience.


Lead Guitar


Born, raised and a lifetime resident of the “Northside” of Chicago, Louie has been rock’n on guitar since the 6th grade. His earliest influence was Jimmy Hendrix. Other influences include, Eddie Van Halen which Louie illustrates with his crowd pleasing version of “Eruption” and Jimmy Page to whom Louie pays tribute to by tearing through riffs on his “Sunburst Les Paul” that will bring you back to the great days of Led Zeppelin. Louie has appeared with such acts as “Monkey Head” & “Montage” but has had his most memorable moments playing at various Chicago venues with Chris and Bob when they were only teenagers. While watching Louie play, don’t even think about trying to follow his ever moving fingers… will only make you sick. Just close your eyes, sit back, and let his power chords and flowing solos take you for a ride!


Guitar, Backup Vocals, Keyboards


Born and raised on the “Northside” of Chicago, George’s earliest influences were Toni Iommi and Jimmy Page. Other influences included Kirk Hammett, and Matthias Jabs. George started playing guitar in the 5th grade and met Louie at the Music House in Chicago. George listened to albums such as "Led Zeppelin II", "Paranoid", "Master of Puppets", and "World Wide Live" on the beaches of Greece all summer long. George’s second guitar, keyboard, and back-up vocals gives Northside a polished and complete sound.




Born and raised on the “Northside” of Chicago, Bob’s influences of Geezer Butler, John Entwistle and John Paul Jones are evident in his playing. His blues meets hard rock approach makes watching him play a pleasure. Bob has performed in such acts as “Monkey Head”, “Montage” & “The Nobodys”. Bob & Chris have been rocking together for well over 20 years giving them the ability to make the rhythm section sound “as one”. Bob & Lou have even a deeper past of performing together, creating sounds that make you wonder where one stops and the other begins. Hearing his funky, fun and heart thumping bass lines are guaranteed to make you move!




Born, raised and a lifetime resident of (you guessed it) the “Northside” of Chicago, Chris’ music background started in classical. While studying the baritone horn for 8 years, he was lucky enough to have been in his high school concert band with the great jazz drummer George Fludas. As they became friends George started showing Chris the “drumming ropes” and since then Chris has never looked back. His heavy John Bonham influence can easily be heard through his off beat syncopations and heavy rhythms. Chris has jammed with such greats as Donny Grecco, Paul Switch, Leddie Garcia (of “Poi Dog” fame) and blues harmonic legend Billy Branch. Even though he has appeared with some “big names” Chris will be the 1st to tell you that playing with Bob and Lou over the last 2 decades and Northside has brought him the most pleasure.