Northside is a 5 member Rock n Roll tribute band based out of Chicago, covering music from the 1970's through present day. Northside honors bands ranging from classic rock's Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, as well as modern and alternative rock greats such as Nirvana, No Doubt, The Killers, U2 & Bruno Mars.

In 2003, drummer Chris Stamos, bassist Bob Spilios and guitarist Louie Kritikos reunited their band. They now have been playing together for over two decades. They recruited singer and keyboardist Rebecca Bolluyt-Presas and Northside Band was born. George Skoubis recently reunited with the band contributing with some guitar, keyboards and back-up vocals completing Northside’s current line-up and sound.

Four of the 5 members were born and grew up together on the Northside of Chicago. It is evident by watching them perform live, that Northside is just 5 great friends having a blast performing music together. This attitude and kinship is always sensed by the audiences and has a way of creating a “good times for all” mood for anyone at the show.

Northside has gig’d at such Chicagoland venues as The Cubby Bear, Captain Morgans Club at Wrigley Field, The Abbey Pub, The Beat Kitchen in Chicago, The Summer on Southport & Edison Park fests in Chicago as well as headlined at Ignite Fest. Northside is far from the typical band which is usually all about “getting paid” and “the glory” rock star attitude. Considering Northside is all about having a good time while creating some awesome music with friends, they are always willing to entertain any monetary offer for playing live. When considering playing a show the main concerns in order usually are, the venue, the event or celebration, the time slot and date, and lastly…….the pay.

Northside is much into charity events. Again, if the venue, time slot, date, and in this case the charity are favorable, Northside would be more than willing to entertain donating time to a good cause. Northside participated and has been a big part of 3 very successful annual benefits which raised 10’s of thousands of dollars for The Huntington’s Disease Society of America. Northside has also rocked out to raise money for Wright-Way Rescue (raising money towards buying a forever home after the no kill animal shelter had lost its lease),  Fire Department Local 2's Christmas Charities (that include Church Charities, Homeless Women’s Shelter, Kids of Soldiers and more), Ignite the Spirit Fund (raising money for Chicago Fire Department families fallen victim to life’s unjust hardships), and Rock the Badges (raising money for both the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation “Never Forget” and the Chicago Fire Department Ignite the Spirit Fund).

Depending on the gig, Northside also offers perks that most bands cannot. This includes but is not limited to (the following depend on venue and crowd size, electrical and mounting requirements, as well as costs):
• A full multi media show including:
o Multiple video cameras (some with camera operators, some fixed) capturing live footage and awesome angles of the band and crowd which are projected onto a..
o Retractable drop down big screen which is placed over the drummers set up (held up by a aluminum triangular truss with telescopic truss brackets which are floor mounted)
o The big screen is also used to project various short video clips and footage which is custom prepared for each show. If used at a charity event, the screen has been used to play videos which explain the cause, the show and/or benefit.
• Smoke Machine
• Full PA system (cost for mobilization, use and the sound man are extra)
• All NEW!!!!! Automated laser and color lights show